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Dear 諗sir,


So thankful that learning much knowledge after the course of 101. I have a few questions and hope that can receive your comments to solve my doubt.


26 years old

Salary: 25K

Monthly saving: 10K

Cash: 15K

Stock: 10K (around 6% interest rate and going to sell them all after your course)

Monthly return student loan to government: $500 (still have 11 years left)


I’m single and lives in public estate with Green Form. I understand that you discourage people to purchase house under home ownership scheme, however, it seems that using Green Form is the fastest way for me to purchase the first one.


I don’t have any background or even Rich Dad, but I still targets to purchase my first house within 3 years. Please help to get back and great that if you can offer a better direction for me 😉


  1. Should I purchase public estate or house under home ownership scheme? The price of public estate is pretty lower than others which can help me save more cash on hand and without losing much purchasing power in bank.


  1. Should I follow the below steps to select house in my case? 屋的類別及間格 > 屋苑 > 區份位置 > 經濟大環境 Any special tips when selecting both public estate or house under home ownership scheme?


I know the foundation is to enhance myself in both hard and soft skills. I plan to study further in master programme and aims to fight for a job with at least 50K at 30 years old.


Thanks for your time and help in advance.


Best regards,Jane


Гашиш в Серпухове ANSWER:





筆者提出影響人單位之因素為「屋的類別及間格 > 屋苑 > 區份位置 > 經濟大環境」,即最影響為三房定兩房? 高層或低層此等因素。次者為屋苑,例如屋苑年齡達3-5年遇上SSD出貨潮,咁就當你間屋中個好區份(位置),仍稍偏向淡。又或該單位屬私樓定居屋,都屬「屋苑」類因素。因此筆者應為「好區的居屋」比「差區之私樓」差,因(屋苑 > 區份位置 )。至於大環境放最後先睇,一般雜誌因唔想發人力去各屋苑落區入屋睇,先慳水慳力同你猛講加減息這些大環境因素。閣下若想買樓買得好可參考不時由筆者發出之tips,或最好梗係你每星期都好似我地咁拍「真。樓盤傳真」節目落區睇,保證有等著。


讀者手上幾萬蚊,可由學習美股開始。為什麼不是港股而遠取美股? 因美股的投資物類型多而成交大,例如有些行業性的ETF,其高成交令價格很反映每個行業在某一星期之好淡看法。學生只需攪清各行業ETF,或不同資產類別之ETF在市況下之關連或快慢,等於掌握行業週期及特性,對其下一步想找出潛力股或作宏觀分析很有用。始終報紙雜誌都係低薪記者所寫,其他撰稿人亦因低微稿費而只寫些少略作應酬,各位睇足10年亦予無所進,不要行錯路浪費時間。




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